Audience Profile

  • Age Group:  16-40
  • Shopaholic, foodies, music lovers
  • Bloggers and influencers
  • Millennial and digital natives
  • Artists, performers, musicians
  • Active shoppers and frequent travelers
  • Consumer classification: A and B
  • Prefers digital currency
  • Socially active
  • Healthy and health-conscious


Bring together a meeting of creativity, a sense of freedom and the pride achievement for the youth.

  • By highlighting India's traditions and culture through a modern tech-savy and new-age kaleidoscope. What better way to do this than by fusing traditional art and creative with celebrated modern music, food and entertainment.
  • Introduce the youth and allow them to experience art in cooking, music, magic, comedy, dance and Indian sculpture.
  • Celebrate our heritage and the progress of India through the evolution of these magical arts.
  • Allow them to not only enjoy by participating but experience the best of these art forms through revered artists from all over India.
  • Become a platform for new and existing artists to showcase their exuberance and talent on the biggest stages in India to over 15,000 audience per day for the duration of the festival.


With numerous restaurants and chefs from all over the country participating, guests get to explore various styles, tastes and presentations of delicacies that are diverse and rich. The kitchen area is designed to give enough room for not only chefs to enjoy their cooking but guests to sit back and savour their craftsmanship. Be ready to dip into versatile taste and khari-mashes of the millinea.

Lifestyle Area

Top brands and stores that display evolution of fashion through an assortment of products offer lucrative deals for guests to immerse in. The lifestyle area offers top notch stalls in rectangle constructs so there's more to see and enjoy. With accessible festivals designs, the main stage area is visible from all the stalls allowing guests to enjoy and not miss out on the main attractions.

Music Talent

With over a 100 top-notch performers including bands, Deejays, EMCEEs, Rappers and traditional musicians from across India merging in Delhi for one a kind festival, the festival promises to be both an educational and entertaining ride for the over 40,000 guests in the capital. With musicians taking up the cause, the platform is expanding both in reach and size.

Food Carts

Food carts that sell a range of snacks, deserts, ice-cream to satiate guests hungry from the dancing, fun and frolic. From energy drinks, shots to gol-gappas, the food carts are going to be serving through the festival to guests, performers and celebrities alike.

Food Vans

The vans placed near the main stage are the most accessible for the crowd enjoying the the top festival performances. Coming form a range of brands and sponsors, these vans will serve crowds gathered near the main-stage and the entertainment section.

Bar Counters

Alcohol stall are four-sided that means serving more audience from all around. Clean, green areas around the stall ensure that bigger crowds can approach the stall. A ultra-modern bar counter that ensure massive brand visibility and recall. And all that right at the center of the venue.

The porch - is an alcohol stall that allows a cafe like experience for guests. With a terrace that can serve as guests enjoy a 270 degree view of the festival and watch their favorite performers play.